Thursday, September 2, 2010


//Dress: Rodarte for Target//
Fooled around with makeup with my cousin and friend a few days ago and went insane. Being that I rarely actually do my makeup I did my hair and threw on a potential dress to wear to the sweet sixteens coming up; I only wish I had somewhere to go the day that I actually did this! Back to school is coming up fast [I go back Tuesday!] and I'm currently holding myself hostage in my room trying to make myself finish The Scarlett Letter. Good thing I'm only on chapter 5. xx

Oh, and in regards to my first attempt at sewing Monday: the power went out before my grandma actually got to showing me anything of course but at like 10 after the power returned I practiced just using the machine on an old pillowcase. I do have some potential projects I would like to do though and I got some great plaid fabrics for scarves I will also be using.

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